List of Services

Wifi Sprinkler Controller Installation.

If you want to manage your sprinklers from your mobile phone, computer, all from the comfort of your sofa?  then a Wifi capable timer is the answer.

Predictive Watering technology that automatically adjusts irrigation to local weather conditions - so watering only occurs when it's needed, and never when it's not.

Troubleshooting Of Electrical Wiring

Comprehensive troubleshooting of all irrigation systems, accidents happen and sometimes the dog chew the valves wires? or someone cut the wires by doing other work in your house? no problem we can trace the root of the problem and make the necesary splices or reconnections with water proof connectors.

Complete Manifold Rebuild

Do you have a leak coming from under your sprinkler valves? well that's a little bit of bad news, unfortunately your PVC Manifold is broken where most of the times is impossible to fix it with out changing all of the piping including the Anti Shipon valves in the ground. By doing some digging we can find the source of the leak, and fix it accordantly.

 Programming The Sprinkler Timer

Does your sprinklers coming on at the wrong time of the day? or not turning on at all? or maybe they have to many start times? I can help set up the correct date, start times, days of the week, percentage adjustments etc... so you stop wasting water.

Valves Repair & Installation

Is your sprinkler valves leaking? or not operating correctly? or you simply want to have new ones install? whatever the case is, I can repair if its possible, or completely install new ones, with a top of the line like Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol.

Busted PVC Pipes

Are you seeing water bubbling under the grass? or worse under a concrete slab? hopefully that's not the case.

 With a little investigation we can determine the source of the leak, and prevent future damage, and of course repair it so we can get the system back in workin conditions.

Sprinkler Repair

Are you noticing the grass getting dry and yellow? or seeing dry spots? it could be that your sprinklers are not popping up like they use to, or they are broken.

we can repair or even better replace them with a better quality ones. We carry top of the line pop up sprinklers with a pressure regulator, so the water sprays even in to your grass, along with a matching nozzle.

Main Water Shut off Valve

Does it happen that when you go close the main sprinkler water line, you notice that the insulation valve is not closing at all? or maybe is leaking?

We can replace it with a new one ether PVC or BRASS depending on the situation.

In Line Irrigation Valves

Servicing sprinkler valves inside a box. Water  running non stopping even if system its turn off? We can inspect & repair, and fix the diaphragm, filter, pressure regulator etc..