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The [ Alex Sprinkler Services ] Experience

Welcome to my site, my name is Alex Owner & Technician. Being serving customers on their small but significant sprinkler repairs & upgrades since 2003.

 What started as helping the neighbors with simply mowing their lawns, soon became a desire to help even more people with their sprinkler system repairs and Replacements.

Eliminate unsightly dry spots and dead patches. We troubleshoot, repair, and/or replaces existing valves—in-line and anti-siphon. Also we repair, replace, and adjusts all types of sprinkler heads, including gear-drive, impact, and pop-up style.

Electrical/Wiring Problems: Faulty or old wiring can cause complete or intermittent sprinkler system failure. Troubleshooting electrical problems caused by faulty wiring requires comprehensive knowledge and years of experience repairing a wide variety of systems and configurations. I have over 15 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing sprinkler system electrical problems. Whether it's a wire chewed up by a dog, valve solenoid, not enough stations on the timer box, or corroded connections, I will identify the cause of the problem and repair it accordingly.

Broken/Leaking Pipes" Are you wasting water with a broken pipe? I can locate the source off the water bubbling under the grass. If you suspect that the water main line in your house is leaking, I will gladly help out with the repair. Don't let a small leak to cause a high water bill.

Let us help you save money and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape. Contact us for professional assistance. 

Thank you for your visit! We look forward to working with you.